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Lesson ideas for high school English teachers

Tomorrow's Class is a rich library of lesson plans, ideas and resources for teachers of high school English. Our lesson resources are practical, innovative, and most of all - engaging for students and teachers alike. And our library keeps getting bigger and bigger - new lessons are added daily. Become a member of Tomorrow's Class to access all our great resources.

Skill based lesson ideas

Our library of lesson ideas is divided into three broad categories: Reading and Viewing, Speaking and Listening and Writing. Within each of these categories, lessons are organised by their specific skill focus - such as 'understanding literary devices' (within Reading and Viewing) or 'spelling' (within Writing). So if you're after activities to teach a specific English skill, find them inside. New lessons are added daily.

Quick lesson ideas

Our lesson resources are also organised by the time they take. Many of our lessons are quick 5 minute activities that can be done at the start, during or the end of a class. Other lessons are 10 or 20 minutes activities, or tasks that will require a whole lesson. There are resources here to fit all your lesson planning needs. New lessons are added daily.

Become a member

Tomorrow's Class is a subscription service. Sign up for a one month, twelve month or annually recurring subscription. You can find pricing information on the Become A Member page. Follow the links on this page to sign up and get instant access to our wealth of quality resources. And since there are daily new updates, you'll keep coming back for more and more and more.