Logging in

Tomorrow’s Class allows users a number of free views of its content per month. As soon as you click on any of the menu items above (apart from Home), a counter will appear in the top left corner that looks like this:

Sign up pic

If you’re already a member, you can click on this counter to login. If you can’t see this counter it means

*that you’re already logged in (keep clicking on posts/menu links – if you’re not prevented from doing this, you’re logged in).

*that you’re not a member and need to join. Click on the tab to join – otherwise the page will automatically prompt you to join when your free views are up.

*if you’re a member, ¬†you can’t see the tab and you’re not logged in – it’s probably a browser issue. Try¬†refreshing your browser, clear its cache or use a different browser. If you still can’t login, email us at contact@tomorrowsclass.com to let us know.